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Massage in Upper Saxondale

Benefits of a Massage

Your muscles endure stresses and strains every day, and that wear and tear needs regular attention. Massaging and relaxing the muscles has an incredible domino effect on all the other systems of your body.

So bear this in mind – massage is not something for the wealthy, nor is it a treat reserved for a special occasion – it’s a key component of your wellness. Whether you have one treatment a week, or one a month, it will become the most indispensable part of your health regime.

Take your pick from these treatments – all of them can be tailored to your needs.


Vegan Massage Wax is a solid oil blend, made with shea butter, sunflower oil and a plant wax, it is designed to glide across the skin while keeping a good grip.

Perfect for massage and reflexology.

Our Massage Treatments



(60 minutes): £70

(90 minutes): £90

A restorative massage to release muscle tightness and ease away pain
Ideal for stiff necks, knotted shoulders, lower back tightness and injuries to the soft tissue and tendons, this deep tissue massage works on realigning deep layers of muscles and connective tissue using myofascial release therapy, also known as ‘trigger point’ therapy. Gentle and sustained pressure to connective tissue will ease pain and melt away physical tension.

The use of hot stones speeds up the healing process as the heat penetrates deep into muscle tissue, easing locked-in tensions and allowing the muscles to relax up to five times more quickly than in a standard body massage. Not only will this treatment address muscular tightness, it will also create a state of deep relaxation.

Where appropriate assisted stretching can be incorporated to ameliorate muscular restrictions.


(60 minutes): £65

Ayurvedic treatment for total body wellness:

Indian head massage works with the chakras in the body to create balance and healing. It also increases the blood flow to the scalp for lustrous hair.

The massage is performed sitting and clothed.


(60 minutes): £75

A slow drainage and detox massage using aromatherapy oils:

Organic aromatherapy oils are blended to your needs. The massage works at a deep level to detoxify the body, relax muscles and balance sleep patterns, restoring the immune system.

Full consultation and patch test are required.


(60 minutes): £75

Using warm oils, this luxurious massage is tailored to your changing shape and can be performed side-lying, with support to create a comfortable position. A soft supportive beanbag is used in the final trimester. It can also be performed sitting in an on-site massage chair.

The massage be combined with a lymph drainage massage to legs and feet to help swelling.

“Sarah is such a professional, she’s knowledgeable and a genuinely kind person. I go to her for massage treatments and can safely say that there is no-one as good as her. Thank you, Sarah.”

“Sarah’s treatment was wonderful – as a Pilates teacher, my body is often tired and full of aches and pains. I came away pain-free and felt like I was floating on air. It’s so important to take time out to look after your body, especially if you are a bodyworker. Sarah’s professionalism and knowledge is second to none! Thank you.”